Do you accept returns or refunds?

Do you accept returns or refunds?

Our return policy varies depending on what stage is your order at:

An item has been shipped:

At InumiToys, we do our best to fulfill your expectations and we want you to be happy with your purchased toys. Please be aware that all products undergo a thorough control before being sent and the policy of “no-returns” comes from healh and hygiene reasons. There shall be no exception to this rule. We will not take any responsibility for any damage incurred to the merchandise after the shipment has been made. Please be aware that all orders are custom made. For that reason, once a product is shipped – returns and exchanges are not accepted.
However! If you spot a defect on your toy, please contact us via the contact formulaire on “Contact Us” page and provide us with any further details of the problem that may help us understand what is the issue. We will look into the matter and discuss possibilities. Please note that problems that appeared due to incorrect usage will not be deemed as defects. For instructions on correct usage please refer to “How to wear the strapon” and “Toy care” pages.
We will not accept any requests for refunds or returns when incorrect product, specifications, colour, size were purchased.

An item has been manufactured, but not yet shipped:

InumiToys items are custom made to your taste and liking. Therefore, once a product is manufactured according to your choices, we will unlikely be able to sell it. Therefore, for any product that has been made, but is still with us, we can offer you 50/50 deal. Meaning, you should receive a partial refund of 50% and we will charge a 50% restocking fee. In that case, the shipping costs are refunded whole and the 50% is calculated from the value of the ordered products.
Please keep in mind that credit card companies may take their time to book money back to your account.

An item has not been manufactured:

If you cancel your order and request a refund on a product we have not started working on, no restocking fee shall be charged and you should receive a full refund. Please contact us ASAP by replying to the order confirmation e-mail or via the “Contact Us” page, if you wish to have your order cancelled.
Please keep in mind that credit card companies may take their time to book money back to your account.

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