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Did you have fun with our toys? Share us and get a 25% refund!

How it works, in short

  1. Create a post on social media about your experience with your Inumi toy. Photos and videos are welcome!
  2. We now need to look up your order, and see that is you who created the post. Please send us a message via Contact us page with the link to your post and which order number would you like to get the 25% refund for.
  3. We might want to verify it’s really you who wrote the linked post. This could be done for example by you sending us a private message on the social media you posted.
  4. If everything went well, we’re sending you a 25% refund of your order!

Recognized social media

  • Reddit, preferably strapon or sex-toy related subreddits
  • Fetlife, preferably strapon or sex-toy related groups
  • Twitter– if you have min. 500 followers
  • Instagram – if you have min. 500 followers
  • If you’d like to post somewhere else, please be welcome to Contact us first and we’ll see what we can do!

I’m a content creator/influencer

You’re welcome to Contact us!


  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice. In case it is changed or cancelled when you have already created a post, the promotion still applies to you on old terms. Timestamp of your post is what matters.
  • One social media post entitles to a 25% refund on one order. One order can be 25% refunded only once.
  • Order can’t be older than 3 months to be eligible for the promotional refund.
  • As our shop accepts Swiss Francs (currency conversion is done automatically during card payment), we refund 25% of the original total price in Swiss Francs. Since the exchange rate fluctuates over time, the refund amount you receive might be more, or less than 25% of what was debited from your card. We will not even out the resulting surplus or shortage.