Toy caresheet

How to keep InumiToys nice and clean? (and why it is so important!)

InumiToys should be cleaned before using them for the first time and onwards, everytime before and after the usage as well as when the stimulation is changed from anal to vaginal.

There are a few different methods to keep your InumiToys nice and clean. The choice is yours.

Keeping them clean

  • Use hot Water&soap – your go-to should be delicate, antibacterial products with or without alcohol
  • Boil your toys – the process should take between 3 to 5 minutes. Put toys in a cooker strainer to make sure that they will not get damaged.
  • Put your toys in a dishwasher and choose the sanitization option, which uses high temperature for washing
  • Use cleaning products dedicated to sex toys, e.g. sprays, foams or tissues. They not only clean surfaces well, but also show antifungal activity. Apply the product of your choice on the toy’s surface, then remove it with the paper towel. Voila – no need to even leave the bedroom!

Keeping them nice

  • Use right lubricant. The ones based on water are always the safe choice. Avoid silicone-based lubricants.
  • Silicone does not get well with silicone – keep your InumiToys away from each other. Which brings us to…
  • Store your toys in something, individually – whether it is a box with a lid or a bag you received your toy in.
  • Keep your toys dry after playing with them.
  • Don’t overtighten the belts, especially the rear one. Tightening them too much can lead to tearing of the toy and also decreases giving’s side pleasure- a little bit of toy movement will allow the bumps in front of the plug to give the wearer goosebumps!

Taking proper care of your erotic toys is equivalent to taking care of your health!

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