Why is our strapon design so much fun?

The Idea behind our flagship products

We set off on a journey to find a double strapon that would meet our needs. One that would not fall out easily. One that can be used without additional hand support. One, that actually gives pleasure to both involved parties and is safe to use. Without success.
Therefore, after many tries and trials, we have finally created a perfect double strapon whether you want to tenderly make love, dominate your partner or selfishly use it on yourself. A perfect combination of classic strapons and strapless ones.

The Specialty

  • The double strapon is designed to please you and your partner simultaneously
  • The strap system is designed to give you a full control over the strapon
  • The plug part takes care of your G-spot, while the bumps stimulate clitoris
  • Strapons come in various shapes and sizes to satisfy desires and meet capabilities
  • The unique designs provide out-of-the-world experience
  • It looks sexy.

The Materials

Life is too short to use toys of dubious quality. InumiToys are fully made out of platinum cured silicone that is 100% body safe and is widely used in food and medical industries. Take a good care of your Inumi Toys and you get a lifelong companion in your bedroom. Or your kitchen. Or your bathroom.

Are you wondering whether InumiToys are safe for you to use? Why is silicone our material of choice? Allow us to answer your questions.
InumiToys are custom hand-made with platinum cured silicone and of course, with… love. This type of silicone is 100% skin safe and is certified by an independent laboratory. It is also a go-to material in medical industry. Why?

Silicone does not have any pores. What does it mean for sex toys? Well, it means that silicone is an impenetrable fortress against any bacteria. Just keep them clean and enjoy a lifetime of pleasure. Being non-porous also makes it easy to clean – just put them in your dishwasher or pour over with boiling water.
Silicone stays tasteless and does not keep smells. It is also soft and therefore, very pleasing to touch.
Silicone allergy is extremely rare!

Are you open for what is cumming?